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Made The Paper December 20, 2015

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Tis the season for piano recitals, and our little Miss Cliodhna made the paper 🙂 She looks like she is playing a beautiful minuet, but in true Cliodhna fashion, she is hammering out a Boogie Woogie tune.


Halloween 2015 November 7, 2015

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Kai performed his last show on Halloween afternoon, then we raced home to change into costumes for the night.


DSC_0821 DSC_0817 DSC_0809 Clihalloween20152 Clihalloween2015

DSC_0856 DSC_0826


Lurking 9 to 5

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Kai took on his second role at the Stirling Festival Theatre this Fall.

He has certainly developed a passion for the stage, and never complained about the eight weekends devoted to rehearsals. Our family now lives and breathes the theatre right along with him. We could not be more proud!


Hey, How’s it going? I’m Kai. You may recognize me as Taylor the Tailor, from the production A Tale of Knights that ran last spring.

I literally counted down the days until I could be on stage again, because “That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh!”
Sorry about that, it really can’t be helped. You see, “I’m the Boogieman, and I like to boogie!” I would like to thank my family who support me, the cast who welcomes me, God who gifted me, and of course, David Vanderlip, who again, gave me an amazing opportunity to, well, boogie! Hope the show is a Thriller!

From Thriller, to the CanCan, Kai had a blast boogieing it up!


And of course, he loves hanging with his “tribe” So thankful that he has found his passion, and his people early on in life!

DSC_0784 (2) Kaiplay (2)

IMG_3041 IMG_3040


Dave, his director.


Biggest fans…

kaiplay3 (2) DSC_0786


Thanksgiving Exercise October 13, 2015

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“I wish I knew more of Papa’s character. I wasn’t really paying attention so much because I was only eight when he died.”


Quite often we have music playing in the car on road trips. Thankfully, we have outgrown the stage of  Elmo’s World playing on a constant video loop to keep some backseat peace, and front seat sanity. Tonight however, on our way home from our Thanksgiving celebration with family, it was quiet. I don’t know what the rest of the family were thinking about, but my thoughts trailed to how much I still miss my dad’s presence at the table.

The way he played.

The way he prayed.

The way he loved his pumpkin pie, and leftover turkey sandwiches.

The way he would engage us in conversation, and ask us to share what we were thankful for…

“Hey Mom, what do you love about daddy?” Kai’s voice broke the silence.

“Like right now, what do you love about him? And, how is your marriage going?”

I smile, and share.

“And Daddy, what do you love about Mom?”

Cliodhna informs us that daddy said nine things about me, while I only said six about him.

“Oh, now it’s on!” I tease, and throw a few more out there.

Kai guided all of us through this “exercise”  until each person had a chance to share what they loved about the one another. Cliodhna’s were sweet and honest.  And when Kai was done sharing what he loved about each of us, I could only simply respond “Wow, Kai.”

Jay reached over and squeezed my hand as he listened to his son build him up.

He could never have known how much this was needed this very week.

The depth of his ability to embrace, and express his emotions never ceases to amaze us.

The way he encourages and invokes the same in others, a gift.

His capacity as a child, to see outside of himself,  again, wow!

“ I think I’m going to do this with my wife and kids when I grow up.”

This “exercise” went on for an hour, and was followed by a talk about everyone’s love languages. And even a discussion on how each of us could do better in relationship with one another. “ Dad, you are an awesome father. I would love to have more deep heart talks with you where you can teach me about being a man.”

“ Cliodhna there is nothing you can improve upon, you are an awesome sister. And even though I pretend to not love your hugs and kisses (our physical touch girl!) I really do like them because I know it’s your way to express love to me”

When we were done, he then wanted to know how it made everyone feel. Be warned, this kid will go ferociously after your heart.

When we got home, Cliodhna asked for a piece of paper to write Mommy a note. Although it was well past bedtime, Daddy thankfully, allowed it.

When I finally headed to bed, there was a sweet note awaiting for me on my pillow. Someone was listening during the love languages discussion that mommy loves letters…

Hi mom, I have bin thinking of you all night.

I thought that you and me could be all alone, and kiss, and hug, and snuggle.

I love you mom forever and ever.

Dad and you are so cute together.

You’re the best mom ever in the hole wide world. You too dad.

I love you so much that I can’t stop bringing love to the family.

Love, Cli

And she does indeed bring the love to our family!

As I unpacked all the moments of the day, I was struck by how much Kai is like his Papa. How time with him leaves you uplifted.

How he loves to lead others in heart talks.

His wisdom.

How before you know it, you are in a counselling session you didn’t make an appointment for…

And, you know?  It made me miss him a little less, and the void a little less immense,

just seeing that his legacy indeed lives on.

“Oh Kai, you didn’t have to pay attention to Papa’s character; you were purposely and wonderfully made by a God who knit that into your soul DNA.”


Halloween 2014 November 1, 2014

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DSC_0779 DSC_0793 DSC_0798 DSC_0802 DSC_0810 DSC_0814 DSC_0816 DSC_0819 halloween2014 halloweenkaipumpkin2014


The Very Hungry Caterpillar June 10, 2014

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DSC_0216DSC_0265DSC_0264                                                                       Starting to form the chrysalis DSC_0253DSC_0258DSC_0271


St Patrick’s Minute to Win it Party March 14, 2014

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Today we welcomed friends over for a wee bit of fun!

DSC_0845 DSC_0849


DSC_0706 DSC_0704 DSC_0698 DSC_0697 DSC_0695


DSC_0889 DSC_0847 DSC_0838


Twelve different games to complete in 60 seconds each. Failure to complete a task in the given time could result in elimination!

For each task they completed, they would earn a coin. At the end, we counted the coins to see who would be named the ultimate champion, and win the coveted prize! The competition  was fierce, and had to go into a tie breaker between Megan and Nathan… Megan rose victorious!
DSC_0828 DSC_0831

Game #1

Suck it Up

In this game players must suck a skittle on the bottom of their straw and continue sucking, until they can blow it out in the cup across the room.  They have 60 seconds to get as many as they can!



Sort a Sweet

In this game the players had 60 seconds to sort 55 candies into coordinating bowls, with one hand behind their back.



Match Maker

The players had 60 seconds to look under 15 paper cups, find the candy, and run it to the right coloured bowl around the perimeter of the room. DSC_0810


Defy Gravity

Players kept a balloon up  for 60 seconds, with using only their heads.


This Blows

Players must stack 18 cups in a pyramid, then blow up a balloon and use the air from  it to knock down the cups. The balloon had to be blown up a few times. Tricky!



Sticking Around

Players must hold stick in their teeth, pile up coloured pasta, and spin around five times in 60 seconds.


Use Yer Noodle

Players must get at least two pasta pieces on their spaghetti noodle, without using hands.




Breakfast Scramble

Players have 60 seconds to complete the puzzle



Major Bubble

Players have 60 seconds to blow the biggest bubble!


Finger Blaster

Players have 60 seconds to know over cup pyramid with finger blasters.

DSC_0885 DSC_0820

Nose Dive

Players have 60 seconds to put Vaseline on their nose, and transfer as many cotton balls as they can.

DSC_0876 DSC_0816


Face the Cookie

Players have 60 seconds to get a cookie from their forehead into their mouths. (Must see video below!!)


Take Home bags

DSC_0807 DSC_0805
While I talked in an Irish accent all during the party I resisted the urge to use the adjective “bloody!”

Until now…

Thank you friends, We had a bloody good time!