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A Just Because Party 2015 December 20, 2015

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Clipboard01lyla1 Clipboard01lyla IMG_3158 DSC_1003 DSC_1001 (2) DSC_0993 (3) DSC_0987 DSC_0984 DSC_0982 DSC_0977 DSC_0968 DSC_0967 (2) DSC_0958 (3)


Cliodhna’s Round Up October 18, 2015

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Today, Cliodhna rounded up some friends to horse around with her.

DSC_0636 DSC_0659


The weather last week was glorious here, but this weekend was cold. Like, we saw some white stuff cold! Our all outdoor party had to be adjusted (and so did my attitude about it) to mostly indoors. I decided it really was a “First world problem” and it would sound pretty shallow if I complained that we had to whip up a last minute Pin the Tail on the Pony, instead of play Shoo the Fly outdoors!

The Party started with a visit to the Branding Station(aka the bathroom) for some face painting.


Next, it was coats and mitts on for a quick sack race, and bobbing for apples. Oh, yes I did! Who can say they have done these activities while it was snowing?


Enjoying the apples while listening to some stories.


DSC_0650 DSC_0653

A sugar cube stack game.


Cliodhna’s just fell as I snapped the picture.

Hey, who can stack the most cubes on their tongue?? This was a hit, of course.


On to Pin the Tail on the Pony (with a good attitude about it)



Thoughtful and gracious gifts.


And back atcha!

Gift bags contained- Horse Stickers, candy apples, candy carrots, hats, Bandanas,  and Pearl craft kits.

DSC_0667 DSC_0684 DSC_0664 DSC_0641

Craft Time-

DSC_0737 DSC_0738

Some of the Grub

Not pictured- Hickory sticks for Hay, Candy corn (surprisingly 4 of 5 love!) Pumpkin dip and graham crackers, Wagon wheels, ranch with veggies, meat and cheese, sandwiches, chips and salsa.

DSC_0696 DSC_0690 DSC_0692 DSC_0683 DSC_0647 DSC_0645

Then it was off to the stable where Cliodhna rides. The girls worked together to brush the horses, and then each got a turn to ride them!

IMG_3015 IMG_3002 horseparty1 horseparty2

Thanks y’all!




Pioneer Party November 1, 2014

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Each friend got to choose a bonnet and apron to wear, and take home.

Cliartypioneer Clipartypioneer (2) Clipi DSC_0627 (3)

Games/ Activities

Sack races, Bobbing for apples, Washing and hanging clothes, sewing circle,  and garden apron relay.

Clisacks Cliwash ClisoapBri clipartylyla 183589_10152147272680483_1861921883_n DSC_0587 (2) DSC_0702 DSC_0697 (2) Clipartyjoy Clilaundryparty Clibri DSC_0591 DSC_0683 (2) DSC_0690 DSC_0693 DSC_0696

We made butter together, and had it on fresh made bread.

Clibreadparty P9286499

Pumpkin pie, apple cider, were among some of the treats.

Before they left each friend  got to spend ten pennies at Oleson’s Mercantile.

Clipartyfood Clipartycup Clipioneer4 DSC_0584 (2)

Our little pioneers went home with a milk pail full of treats, including homemade jam Cliodhna made for her guests.

DSC_0631 (2) DSC_0633 (2) DSC_0597 (2) DSC_0527

A lovely day with friends!



St Patrick’s Minute to Win it Party March 14, 2014

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Today we welcomed friends over for a wee bit of fun!

DSC_0845 DSC_0849


DSC_0706 DSC_0704 DSC_0698 DSC_0697 DSC_0695


DSC_0889 DSC_0847 DSC_0838


Twelve different games to complete in 60 seconds each. Failure to complete a task in the given time could result in elimination!

For each task they completed, they would earn a coin. At the end, we counted the coins to see who would be named the ultimate champion, and win the coveted prize! The competition  was fierce, and had to go into a tie breaker between Megan and Nathan… Megan rose victorious!
DSC_0828 DSC_0831

Game #1

Suck it Up

In this game players must suck a skittle on the bottom of their straw and continue sucking, until they can blow it out in the cup across the room.  They have 60 seconds to get as many as they can!



Sort a Sweet

In this game the players had 60 seconds to sort 55 candies into coordinating bowls, with one hand behind their back.



Match Maker

The players had 60 seconds to look under 15 paper cups, find the candy, and run it to the right coloured bowl around the perimeter of the room. DSC_0810


Defy Gravity

Players kept a balloon up  for 60 seconds, with using only their heads.


This Blows

Players must stack 18 cups in a pyramid, then blow up a balloon and use the air from  it to knock down the cups. The balloon had to be blown up a few times. Tricky!



Sticking Around

Players must hold stick in their teeth, pile up coloured pasta, and spin around five times in 60 seconds.


Use Yer Noodle

Players must get at least two pasta pieces on their spaghetti noodle, without using hands.




Breakfast Scramble

Players have 60 seconds to complete the puzzle



Major Bubble

Players have 60 seconds to blow the biggest bubble!


Finger Blaster

Players have 60 seconds to know over cup pyramid with finger blasters.

DSC_0885 DSC_0820

Nose Dive

Players have 60 seconds to put Vaseline on their nose, and transfer as many cotton balls as they can.

DSC_0876 DSC_0816


Face the Cookie

Players have 60 seconds to get a cookie from their forehead into their mouths. (Must see video below!!)


Take Home bags

DSC_0807 DSC_0805
While I talked in an Irish accent all during the party I resisted the urge to use the adjective “bloody!”

Until now…

Thank you friends, We had a bloody good time!



March Break Under the Sea Fun March 11, 2014

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Today we o-fish-ally invited a few friends to swim over, and dive into some fun!



DSC_0780 DSC_0781 DSC_0779 DSC_0817 DSC_0822


DSC_0770 DSC_0772 DSC_0762


DSC_0722 DSC_0724 DSC_0725




Keep your bubbles up!

fishparty DSC_0798

Parachute Fun

fishparty2 DSC_0736


Valentine Party 2014 February 15, 2014

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Today we hosted a little Valentine Party for Cliodhna  and her friends. Kai had a friend over too, and they were great helpers (and maybe even had a bit of fun!)


We started by reading stories, and singing songs about God’s love for us.DSC_0329 Then we painted these magic mats, and talked about what God would say to us on conversation hearts. When you add water, the white hearts reveal  hidden messages. FUN!


We played a game where we had to try to pile conversation hearts as high as we could, without our tower falling over.It was neat to see all the different strategies to build the highest tower. DSC_0383                                                  Next, it was time to paint our treasure boxes that remind us we are a treasure to God!DSC_0608


DSC_0636 DSC_0640

Some fun games followed! Musical heart played like musical chairs, but the children also had to flip the heart over and do whatever crazy thing it said. Anywhere from hop like a frog, do a push-up, to…

DSC_0597 DSC_0593 DSC_0618

Cupid’s arrow game – You take a q-tip and a straw, and have the children try to shoot the arrow into the bowls by blowing them out. This game turned into seeing if they could shoot me instead!

Tissue Paper Heart relay- Have the children suck up the tissue paper heart with a straw, and keep sucking in until they drop it in the bowl on  the other side of the room.

Snack break!

DSC_0653 DSC_0631 DSC_0630 DSC_0612

There was also yummy fruit and muffins that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of.

Free play time!DSC_0611 DSC_0645 DSC_0642                                                                                                         Chocolate scented play dough!


Everyone worked hard at valentines to exchange.

DSC_0602 DSC_0571 DSC_0572

     Thank you for making memories with us!


Cliodhna’s Mitten Birthday Party November 10, 2013

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Clibirthdaymitten DSC_0626



Today we celebrated Cliodhna’s (soon to be) sixth birthday! The Theme was the story of The Mitten by Jan Brett.

We had mitten snacks


DSC_0700 DSC_0712 DSC_0648

Did Mitten crafts

DSC_0624 DSC_0623 DSC_0617

And played Mitten Games!

One game was reaching in to an oven mitt and trying to guess the object by feeling it with eyes closed.

Another was playing hot potato with a bag of mittens. When the song stopped the child would reach in the bag, without looking, and pull out one mitten. The winner is the first child to get a set of matching mittens.

A relay to open a tootsie roll with mitts on…

DSC_0688 DSC_0687 DSC_0685 DSC_0684 DSC_0682

And by far the favourite game was The Mitten in the Snow Parachute game.

Each child had an animal mask from the story, and when their animal was called, they squeezed in under the parachute until the bear sneezes at the end and they all go toppling out!

( no pictures because the adults were doing the game!)

Here is the song- Tune : Farmer in the Dell

The mitten in the snow
The mitten in the snow
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A mole squeezes in
A mole squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A rabbit squeezes in
A rabbit squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A hedgehog squeezes in
A hedgehog squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

An owl squeezes in
An owl squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A badger squeezes in
A badger squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A fox squeezes in
A fox squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A bear squeezes in
A bear squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

A mouse squeezes in
A mouse squeezes in
Help us please so we won’t freeze!
The mitten in the snow.

The bear says, “A-choo!”
The bear says, “A-choo!”
All the animals fly out of
The mitten in the snow!

Along with generous gifts for the birthday girl, each friend also donated a brand new pair of mitts for a charity.


Thank you friends for all the special memories!

DSC_0707 DSC_0709 DSC_0701 DSC_0703 DSC_0706Clibirthdaymitten1

DSC_0680 DSC_0679DSC_0672

Take home bags- Mitten craft, animals and story to act it out, hair clip, and ring.

DSC_0610 DSC_0616 DSC_0614 DSC_0594

We love our girl!

DSC_0667 DSC_0661 DSC_0657