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Mother’s Day 2013 May 12, 2013

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Many sweet and thoughtful gifts today for a very thankful mama. Cliodhna made a card, shared a special jewel, and danced while Kai played his piano composition for me.

Kai wrote me a letter of why I am a good mom and even thanked me for teaching him math! He also drew  a sweet spring picture with birds, bunnies, and trees. Sweet.

A letter delivered with one single tulip handpicked from our yard was the icing on the cake.


I may frame it and hang it where I can see it often.


Karen (Mom),


As a teenager I never imagined having a family or kids.  INever imagined myself being loved in the way that you love me. I found it strange when married couples would call their loved one “Mom”.

Then we had kids, and now it seems perfectly normal and fitting to call you “Mom”. With the birth of our kids, I was able to see a side of you I hadn’t quite seen before. I may have caught a glimpse of it when you were working with children, but it was nothing  compared to what I see in you with our own children. I was able to see the person that God wanted you to be; a mother.


I couldn’t imagine a better mother for my children. The reason our children are so well behaved is because the love and work you put into them. I love how you play games with them and jump on the trampoline. I love how you dedicate your life and free time to teaching and raising our children. I see you working everyday on their intelligence and their spiritual and emotional well- being.


I pray that with all the work you put in to your job at being a mother that it is rewarding,  brings you joy, and that you still get time for yourself.

I look forward to seeing our children grow up , start families of their own, and to see the seed of “good family” that you have sown into them grow into a beautiful tree.


You were born to do this my love.


Love always,

Jason (Dad)



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