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Snapshots of Days January 24, 2013

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We have been busy this cold January living and learning. We have started a homeschool french class along with our privavte tutoring and have enjoyed being in a class of 20 children. LAst week I arranged for a Children’s Author and teacher to teach a group of kids creative writing through drama, song, nature, and of courses the written word. It was a hit!!

It is totally unlike me to join things, let alone start them up, but I also put together an Art class at a local art studio, with an amazing teacher for the kids!  Strange, in a season where I like to hibernate that I have not only agreed to but planned these three classes. lol!

At home we are plugging right along in our studies. I have been lazy at taking pictures this month but here are a few.

This week we learned about insects. Yes, in the dead of winter.

Here are some interesting facts:

Only female mosquitoes suck our blood. They need it to develop their eggs.

The mosquito injects her saliva into the wound to keep the blood from clotting and most people have an allergic reaction to this saliva, and that’s what makes mosquito bites itch.

Flies are incapable of chewing solid foods. They are able to liquefy the solids they want to eat by vomiting chemicals onto the solid material, whether trash, feces, or our food. The chemicals in the vomit start to digest the solid food, making it watery. At that point the fly sticks out its spongy proboscis and sops up the soupy material. When the fly vomits, the germs come out with the chemicals on our food!

Gross! And kind of cool.






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