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School With A Friend October 13, 2011

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Today we welcomed Kai’s buddy Elijah to do school with us.

We grabbed our passports and climbed aboard Air Canada flight 567 to Thailand.

When we landed, we  met a little boy who taught us all about their rich culture.

Did you know Thailand has a larger population than Canada?

And,  there are lots of stray cats and dogs on the streets that people just feed like they are their pets!

We then learned about using a scale on a map and figured out how far different cities are from eachother.

In science we learned about matter. We used a balance to compare weight. Then we asked the question does air take up space?


We stuck tissue paper to the bottom of a plastic cup and immersed it under water. When we lifted it out we noted that the tissue paper was still dry because the air took up space in the cup. Then we poked holes in the bottom of the cup and tried it again. This time noting that the cup filled with water because the air went out the holes.

We learned about the Romantic Era and all about Wagner in music.

                                                                                    Then we made mosaic leaves as a special craft.

                                                                      After History we made some pumkin bread and muffins together

                                                                                                                       Stirring together!


                                                                                            Thanks for learning with us today Elijah!


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