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CAMP QUIN-MO-LAC August 24, 2011

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This Summer Kai had his first summer camp experience ever!

We were not sure how it would go so we picked a camp nice and close to us -just in case…

It was really strange to not know how he was doing during those days but I trusted he would love camp as much as I did at his age.

And I was right!

 “I am sooo going back next year!!!!!”

I did a great job not getting misty when we dropped him off. But when we picked him up and he was just chatting with a female leader and casually turned his head and said “Oh, hey mom” I realized he has entered a new stage of development. He is growing up so fast!

His leader seemed like a great kid (am I old enough to say that-yikes!)

Sigh, I love, love, love camp!! Having Kai experience it now almost makes up for not getting to go myself anymore. I hope he make many amazing memories!


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