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First Visit With Kailey August 6, 2011

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Well after years of waiting Kailey came to Ontario.

As we all sat together around our dinning table to eat, then play cards I couldn’t help but think of all the years we missed.

 There was a void with her name on it.

 Mom, Kailey, and I dug out my wedding video and watched her at the age of three wander down the isle then sit on the church steps throwing all the rose petals from her basket  that she was suppose to scatter down the isle.

Kailey and I laughed, mom cried.

Kai and Cliodhna were glued to her and she was sweet to clap as they danced, sang, and performed in all areas.

I’m so looking forward to having her here again in a few days for a week. Jay and I will attempt to play the role of the cool Aunt and Uncle- I think a roller coaster is in my near future!! lol!

Missed you Kailey, More that I ever knew.


2 Responses to “First Visit With Kailey”

  1. Amanda Says:

    So happy that you get to reconnect…looks like it was a great time. 😉

  2. cyndy Says:

    awe this is so wonderful next we have to send Drews butt there

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