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Over the Hill! June 23, 2011

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Something crazy keeps happening on this trip to both Jay and I… We are up with the sun! The first morning in NH I believe it was 4:30 when I first fluttered my eyelids. I made myself stay in bed until 5:30, then the both of us got up to get a start on our day!!!  That was the first tip off that “Honey, we’re getting old!” As I jumped in to the shower Jay flicked the channels and settled on a infomercial that captivated him-What is going on????

We were showered and heading out to an 8am church service. At this point I was surprised we didn’t  also go looking for a newspaper at the general store-lol.

We jumped in the car after church and headed on to Boothbay. Stopping like a gazillion times to take pictures of, wait for it…NATURE!!

I can remember my mom trying to wake me up on our family trips so I could take in the magestic beauty of the trees. Eyes still closed I would mumble “I don’t want to look at trees, wake me up when you see some cute boys!” And now here I was with my cute boy walking waterfall trails and standing in awe as we gazed upon the rolling hills. ” This would be so glorious in the fall” 

I’m officially old.

Did I mention I brought my own pillow on the trip?

Oh, and that I read aloud to Jay, who was my captive audience for eleven hours?? I can remember my mom doing the same thing inbetween dozing off on her feather pillow.


Jay and I have been having a wonderful time eating on the Warfs, shopping the outlet stores, and taking in the Windjammer days. I am so very thankful to be here in this place with the man I want to grow old with!


2 Responses to “Over the Hill!”

  1. This post makes me laugh so hard. lol.

  2. Dawn Says:

    Absolutely perfect =)

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