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Our Trip June 19, 2011

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Quote of the day “Don’t people pull over for an ambulance in this country?” -~Jason Evoy in Quebec! lol!

“Uhm, Jay we are still in Canada!!” ~That would be me.

We saw two accidents in Quebec one at 2:26pm and the second at 2:35 two different accidents and both with cars flipped and people strapped to stretchers so close that we could practically reach out and touch them as we drove by. I whispered a prayer for the medics doing CPR and the families. Sad.

We put in eight hours of driving before deciding to pull over just as we are about to pull into Maine. We are about three hours away from Boothbay, so that will be a nice drive tomorrow. 

My problem this very minute is that Jay has sipped out of all four of the drinks we have in this motel room and he is diseased right now so I don’t want to share- but  I am sooo thirsty!! This little town is all shut down so I can’t even send him out to grab me something-rats!!

I think I have hunted down and killed all the mosquitos in this room except for the one that are planning on buzzing in my ear as soon as I call it a night. I guess that’s what you get for $60.00. The room is clean and there is wireless access so I can’t complain that the shower stall looks like I may not even fit in it and the floor is on a slant so as you walk into the bathroom you are going downhill! I think if I take enough trips to the loo in the night I will get a good incline butt workout on the way back to bed-lol!


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  1. Okay, seriously enjoying your posts on your trip so far…lol.

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