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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby! March 23, 2011

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What Kai ate for lunch today!!!! He even tried an orange pepper slice. This will only impress those who have known what a struggle it was for us to get Kai to eat anything besides P.B. toast and chicken nuggets. Or really, anything that wasn’t beige…sigh. He gagged on fruit,veggies and wait for it…Cookies, candy, and cake! So I couldn’t even bribe him with sweets. 

 This killed me as a make my own baby food kinda mom! I was sure it must have been all my fault until little Cliodhna arrived and happily devoured avocado, humus, onions, peppers, brocoli, peas, and the like.


 My doctor told me not to force him to eat things because that would create bigger food issues. She insisted he would grow out of it.  To be honest,I thought she was a quack! But as I set his lunch out today and watched him happily dive in to it, I realized he indeed grew out of it!


Anyway, I had to pause and be thankful for how far he has come.

Just like the thumb sucking  I thought I’d never see the day when  we were on the other side of it all. Now, I will have to come up with something else to keep me up at nights.


3 Responses to “We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Ahhhh, that is a great post! I am so very happy that you guys have surpassed another hurdle! Go Kai! and Mom! (and Cliodhna for knowing the good stuff from the beginning and Jay for being part of the fantastic team!)

  2. donald crisp Says:

    Thanking God for answered long, agonizing prayers for the health and well being of my precious grandson. Good for you Kai! love you – Grammy

  3. This is really good for me to read, because we have problems with Micah eating, and just this week I was telling Sam I was becoming concerned. Like you, I had Alyssa eating anything and everything, but Micah is another story. this gave me some reassurance. Thanks!

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