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Playful Parenting Chapter 2A January 12, 2011

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” When you are dealing with a child, keep all your wits about you, and sit on the floor”~ Auistin O’ Malley, 1915

 ” When we join children in their world of play,we unlock the door to their inner lives and meet them heart to heart.”

My second review of Playful Parenting

Getting on the floor can be literal with little ones and metaphorical for older children.

  • spend time on their turf whether that be the mall, a video game, ball field, or plopped in front of the TV.


  • When there is a change in the family ( like a new baby) use play to reinforce your love for them. There was an example of a mother who would play a game  with her child saying  she needed to ” fill her up with Mama love”  She would start at her toes and kiss her all the way up ending with a kiss on her head everyday. Then she did another game called the love egg. You know that game when someone pretends to crack a an egg on your head and then gently spreads their fingers down your hair? Well, she would crack a love egg on her child’s head and cover them in love. This little game would take only 5 mins. a day but make a world of difference to the child.

My Thoughts:  I have used the egg cracking game when Kai is being difficult ( or not loving to his sister) I go behind him and crack a love egg on his head and then say ” The love is spreading and flowing all over you.” It makes him laugh and he is much more receptive to change. I’ve stayed calm and he has too!

IN OUR HOUSE- When they have a bad attitude and it needs adjusting-  instead of letting my blood boil or sitting them on the couch lecturing them about why that is disrespectful behaviour and supporting it with Bible verses, I pretend to take out my “TUNE UP” tools and make a few adjustments.  I then pretend to fix them in an overly dramatic way. A twist here, ( under the arms)  a twist there (in their belly button) paying careful attention to the tongue, ears, and  heart areas where the adjustment is really needed.Sometimes while I work I will say why I’m adjusting that area or quote a scripture ” Do everything without complaining, for this is right”

This always ends with giggles and a heart that is  ready to apologize.


Heart Check–  Sometimes if the kids are having some big feelings they are dealing with and I sense they need to talk it out or just need a hug I call a  “heart check!” I get out my stethoscope and play doctor for a few minutes finishing by listening to their hearts and declaring them to be “HEART SICK!”  Then I will prescribe a cuddle, a hug, or a chat to make them well again.I have also tweaked this and used it when they need a heart check for poor behaviour followed up with a prescription, ” DOCTOR’S ORDERS!!”

Turn it Around–  By the title I’m sure you can imagine what I use this for right? Any attitude that needs turned around. I will gently hold them by the shoulders and start spinning them around ( like they were going to play pin the tail on the donkey) and say ” let’s turn that attitude around!” This usually ends with collapsing on the floor in laughter. The bad attitude is as good as gone-yay!

Okay, I shared quite a bit  today so I will review the second part of the chapter in another post. This book is meaty!


2 Responses to “Playful Parenting Chapter 2A”

  1. Amanda Brum Says:

    I love these, Karen! We do the tune-up and I’ll have to try the love egg. We also ask for grumpies to be handed over, and help remove them from under arms, inside belly buttons, between toes, etc.

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