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PlayFul Parenting Chapter One January 3, 2011

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Today Kai went back to school along with many other kids. The only catch is he was in is PJ’s until 10 am, did his math while eating a snack, and had many opportunities to play with his sister and I.

I  crawled around on the floor with children on my back, danced around to Happy Feet, had my hair done by a fabulous three year old stylist,played Dr. Kai gives shots, and jumped on an indoor trampoline all for kicks!


As I mentioned in my last post, I’m reading  Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen PH. D.

I thought I would write out some of my thoughts and his quotes that jumped out to me in this chapter.

Lawrence Cohen~”Adults do not have room in our lives for fun and play. We are stiff, tired, stressed with all the hard work and find it difficult to switch gears from a stressful day of work and household chores to get down on the floor and play.”

MY Thoughts : Why is it so hard to get down on the floor?

We complain about our child’s short attention span but how many of us can play fantasy games before we get bored and distracted or pulled away by the feeling that getting work done or cooking dinner is more important?


My Thoughts: This reminds me of Mary and Martha in the Bible when Jesus came to visit and Martha was busy in the kitchen and making sure everything was just right while Mary sat at His feet. She chose to spend time with Him over busy work. And Jesus said Mary was the one who chose wisely.

Just as we shouldn’t skimp out on our time spent with Jesus, so the same is true for time with our children. I need to resist the clamor of tasks waiting to be done and know that I have chosen better.  That time will never be taken from us.

 Others among us are unable to put aside our need to be in control. We worry about teaching how to throw the ball correctly when our child just wants to play catch.”

My thoughts:  Ah Control, sigh. I think most parents get caught up trying to pour bits of wisdom and knowledge into our children so much that they become a project instead of a person with feelings and needs.

” Play is where children show us the inner feelings and experiences they can’t or won’t talk about. Children don’t say “I had a hard day at school today; can I talk to you about it?” They say, ” Will you play with me?”

My thoughts: I imagine at some point they stop bothering to ask if your answer is often times “I’m too busy!”

I don’t want to miss these moments to connect.


The chapter was also filled with examples of how to open children up and even avoid the usual battles like ” GET YOUR JAMMIES ON !!” by using play instead of the old standby of  ” I’m going to count to THREE!!!!!!!!!!!”




5 Responses to “PlayFul Parenting Chapter One”

  1. Natasha Says:

    That’s so good… my step-sister is really good at living out the philosophy that no matter how hard you try to keep up with laundry there will always be more, but there won’t always be more time to play with your kids. I’m really looking forward to hearing how this year pans out for you!

  2. Natasha Says:

    Actually, I saw this a couple months back. Have you seen it? It’s a video about the importance of play… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHwXlcHcTHc

  3. whimsyway Says:

    This looks like a great book; I’ve just downloaded a kindle sample of it. Thanks for this post.

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