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An A-peel-ing Day October 2, 2010

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Along with our normal subjects we are taking time to craft up a storm this fall.

And I say storm because of a certain little lady who’s crafting style is to get all her senses involved. Yes, I am aware that tasting is one of the five senses and we can check that box off as completed!

Today we focused on Apples. Here are some of our highlights

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Mosaic Apple Craft


Good to the Core craft

I still need to print pictures of the kids for the front of the apple and tie the sides with ribbon .

You take paper plates and paint the outsides, let dry.

Paste a pic of your child on the front

Then on the inside glue apple seeds, a stem, and leaf.

Finish it off with hole punching it and tying it together with ribbon.


Finger print craft

These are Special apples hanging on this tree

I made them with my fingerprints

The are a part of me.

Kai decided to draw leaves on instead of use tissue paper.


Apple Books- to name a few.

Ten Apples Up on Top

Amazing Apples

Rain Makes Applesauce

The Apple Pie Tree


Apple song activity Tune: If you are happy and you know it 

Toss an Apple in the basket if you can X2

In the basket it will drop

You will heart it make a plop

Toss an apple in the basket if you can.

We had a basket and beanbag apples that we took turns tossing.

Felt story  APPLE TREE –This Old Man

Way up high in the apple tree (stretch arm up high)
Two red apples smiled at me (hold up 2 fingers)
I shook that tree as hard as I could (make a shaking motion)
Down came the apples, (make a downward motion)
Mmmm–were they good! (smile and rub stomach

Apple House with a Star inside story http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/sherwood/504/rdhs.html

Always a hit!!!

Bobbing for Apples– Kai wants to do this again tomorrow! The plastic one opened and there were treats inside.

Song: Tune of Twinkle Twinkle

           Apple Apple on the tree

           I know that you’re good for me

            You are fun to munch and crunch

            For a snack and in my lunch

            Apple, apple on the tree

             I know that you’re good for me.

OR:     Apple Apple way up high

             I can reach you if I try

         Climb a ladder, hold on tight

            Pick a big one, Take a bite!

          Apple Apple way up high

            I can reach you if I try.

 Tune of  BINGO

I know a fruit that grows on trees

and apples are their name-o




and apples are there name-o!

Tune: Oh My Darling

Have you ever seen an apple

an apple, an apple

Have you ever seen an apple

that grows on a tree.

There are yellow ones

and red ones

there are green ones and gold ones

Have you ever seen an apple

that grows on a tree.

 We Made Apple Crisp together- MMMM!

While we ate lunch we listened to our French lesson and Mozart.

 It was a perfect fall day to play outdoors and for a little guy to enjoy an apple (that he bobbed) with a special friend in a special spot


One Response to “An A-peel-ing Day”

  1. kristina Says:

    can i join your school? i would love an “apple” day!

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